Exclusive interview with SEO authority Kenichi Suzuki. What is the current status of SEO?

“I want to increase the inflow to sites and blogs!”
“I want to improve the ranking of Google search results!”

If you are in charge of WEB, you may have worries about SEO.

I am a WEB staff member of boost Inc., and I have been trying and erroring every day, so this time I joined the world’s largest SEO conference “Pubcon2019 (Pubcon Pro Las Vegas)”. And we succeeded in interviewing Kenichi Suzuki, who was on the stage as a Japanese, while overseas players were almost on stage!

We didn’t know right from left because we participated in Pubcon for the first time.
Mr. Suzuki gave us a courteous and generous response.
He talked about his thoughts on Pubcon, the current state of SEO, future prospects, and private matters.


About Kenichi Suzuki who is SEO authority.

Name: Kenichi Suzuki
Company: Faber Company Inc.
Managerial position: Director Search Advocate


Kenichi Suzuki, who is on stage at the world’s largest SEO conference “Pubcon 2019 (Pubcon Pro Las Vegas)”, speaked on the theme of “Mobile-first Indexing and SEO – and AMP”.
(For details, see this article https://boost-on.net/5892)

・The content of the talk is in the article of “Overseas SEO Information Blog” below

AMPによるDiscover最適化 at #PubCon Las Vegas 2019

He is serializing “Overseas & Domestic SEO Information Watch” on the Web staff Forum.
He works online and offline to give many site administrators the right knowledge and the latest information about Google Search SEO.


Impression that Mr. Suzuki gave a presentation at Pubcon2019

Satoyama: Thank you for your speech. How was your speech?

Mr. Suzuki: This is the second time. I was nervous, but I was able to speak more slowly than at the first time.
Last time, I made a speech at BrightonSEO held in Brighton, UK in April 2019.

Satoyama:I wasn’t able to tell how much Mr.Suzuki was nervous. I was very proud as the same Japanese. Is there anything you struggled with and the story behind your speech?

Mr. Suzuki: Although there were themes of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and MFI (Mobile First Index), MFI was already introduced and never spoke. I also knew about AMP, and I had a hard time how to make it interesting and how it could be meaningful for visitors.

Satoyama:How many times have you joined Pubcon itself?

Mr. Suzuki: It will be about the sixth time.

Satoyama: You have participated 6 times! What first got you to go to Pubcon?

Mr. Suzuki: At that time (around 2010), I could only get information about SEO by going to Google employees directly. I’ve always wanted to go to Pubcon someday. It was triggered by Saori Furusawa, who was the representative of the company (Faber Company Inc.) at the time, saying, “Let’s go get information together.” It was like a dream come true.

At Pubcon at the time, I was impressed that we heard the session of Mr. Matt Cutts, the head of the spam team at Google employees, and the story directly after the session.
Matt Cutts was an idol in the SEO industry, so I remember that there was a one-hour queue before speaking.

Satoyama: Nowadays we are in an era where we can get information online, but Mr. Suzuki came every year to get the latest information directly!


About current status of SEO

Satoyama: Mr. Suzuki is collecting information from all over the world, including Pubcon.
How does Mr. Suzuki analyze the SEO industry using that information?

Mr. Suzuki: When I first joined Pubcon, there was a big difference between Japan and America. There was a tremendous gap in algorithms and information transmission.
There was no information in Japan.

Satoyama: Does that mean the gap is getting smaller now?

Mr. Suzuki: There used to be a difference, but now that the Internet environment has been enhanced, it has become an era where information can be easily obtained everywhere. Google employee search teams, including Takeaki Kanaya and Anna Ogawa from Google Japan, are actively disseminating information.
I also started Twitter for information collection about 10 years ago.

Satoyama: It has become a convenient world. We can read Suzuki’s blog while commuting on your mobile phone. It can be said that the difference in knowledge between SEO in Japan and overseas has narrowed as the level of Japanese web engineers has increased.
What is the current SEO trend from the perspective of Mr. Suzuki, who has a foreign and Japanese perspective?

Mr. Suzuki: In SEO, a technical element was important a while ago. The search order was decided not to be related to the user. For example, tag and keyword adjustment. Of course, they are still effective, but they are only short-term. Now, even if a keyword is not included in the search (query), related items are almost always displayed.

Satoyama: Certainly recently, the information you want has come up in search results, even without keywords. Has Japan caught up with overseas SEO?

Mr. Suzuki: Although it has evolved a lot, the US is still making progress with search results. American mobile search is so Lively that you don’t know which one is organic search.
There are many changes in the appearance of search results such as carousels, images, videos, and maps.

Satoyama: That’s hard for web engineers.
In the search results, what are the points to be aware of in order to raise the site to the top?

Mr. Suzuki:If you are thinking of raising SEO, the content is the most important.
It is most important that people who like the theme of content create content with passion.
It is also important to continue that.

Satoyama: The content written by the people you like is interesting, and the passion is transmitted to the other party.
There are members of our group who like saunas, but after all, the number of PV is higher than others.

Mr. Suzuki: It is also important to brand yourself in SNS. However, I’m not so familiar lol.
By posting to SNS, it is possible to gather users without being related to the Google algorithm. It’s important to keep on providing good information so that you can think that if you follow this person, you can get good information.

From my followers, I don’t think I’m interested in information other than SEO (for example, what I ate). I really want to post such a thing but lol

Satoyama: Mr. Suzuki also had such a problem! Lol
I myself feel the importance and difficulty of making a fan through my daily activities.
I also follow people who provide me with useful information.
I feel like I’m finding articles through SNS rather than searching recently.
Mr. Suzuki has a lot of interaction with followers on Twitter, often tagging and commenting.
Even when our friend commented, Mr. Suzuki was replying to our friend. I felt like Mr. Suzuki was watching each comment.


About the overseas SEO information blog

Satoyama: The story changes a little, but I would like to ask you about the “Overseas SEO Information Blog” that Mr. Suzuki is currently using. What made you want to start your blog?

Mr. Suzuki: Actually I was an engineer around the server at first. By the way, as for coding itself,I didn’t know how to do it, so I wasn’t motivated at all. (laughs)
However, I liked it very much about teaching people, so as a past career I often conducted training to teach employees what I had studied.

I quit my job to cherish my time with my family and started working as a Sole proprietorship. At that time, I received an order for Mr. Furusawa’s work as a business consignment.
While embarrassed during that period, I thought “Let’s make money with an affiliate!” And “I need SEO for that!” And started studying SEO.

Satoyama: You are very caring about your family.
You wanted to be affiliater!

Mr. Suzuki: Although I started studying, at that time, the latest information was only available overseas, and I gathered information from overseas. Fortunately, I was not weak at English. That was also good. I was addicted to the information I got from overseas from that area, and I started to share information on e-mail magazines and blogs because I received the advice that it would be a waste to keep my studies alone.

Satoyama: That is the starting point for overseas SEO information blogs. There are many fans of Mr. Suzuki’s blog around me. I think everyone will be surprised by this interview.

Mr. Suzuki:I really want to send information about personal issues such as the Olympics and badminton. It is full of hands by updating the blog.(laughs)

Satoyama: Your blog is updated very frequently.
You upload very large articles every day.
It is difficult to imitate.
Do you like Baton Minton? I want to read if I have the chance ♪

Mr. Suzuki: The overseas SEO information blog also serves as my attendance record. Although it is a personal blog, writing every morning tells the company people that I am up and working.
Writing a blog itself has become a routine every morning.

Satoyama: What lifestyle are you currently living with?

Mr. Suzuki: Currently, I get up at 4 o’clock every morning and start working 30 minutes later.
Then, until about 5 o’clock, I confirm Google’s official blog, Twitter posts of Google employees such as John Mueller and Gary Illies, SEO blog posts such as Search Engine Roundtable and Seaach Engine Land.
I collect the latest information and write blog posts.
After that, I’m also studying information about Google technology.
And I will sleep at 22:30 at the latest.
By the way, when I was in my 30s, I got up at 3 o’clock.

Satoyama: Well, it ’s 3 o’clock! ?

Mr. Suzuki: At that time, I slept with my son at 21:00.
So I can sleep for 6 hours. Lol
I was able to work at home, so I took a bath with my son and slept together.

Satoyama: It’s was so! I was surprised by the superman(laughs)
It is very nice to take good care of your time with your son.

You are inputting a lot of information.
With a lot of inputs, high quality output is possible for the blogs.


Mr. Suzuki’s future prospects.

Satoyama: Finally, I can ask about your future prospects?

Mr. Suzuki: I am aiming for two futures.
The first is “Give a lecture at an overseas conference”.
The second is “To nurture professionals.”.
First, if there is a chance to speak as a lecturer at SEO conferences such as Pubcon and SMX (Search Marketing Expo & Conference Series), I would like to come out more and more. I want to challenge.
Secondly, Not only SEO, but young people who are active in a certain field. In other words, I would like to develop and produce next-generation main players.. Now I am focusing on in-house education.

Satoyama: I look forward to seeing the next generation of youth playing an active role like Mr.Suzuki.. Where is the driving force for such ambitions coming from?

Mr. Suzuki: I am proud of SEO. That’s why I want to convey more useful information to people around the world. I want to continue to expand overseas with that one heart!



Mr. Suzuki not only stays on the front lines of SEO, but also focuses on next-generation education.He is very gentle and has a nice smile.I interviewed in a relaxed atmosphere from start to finish.I felt that Mr. Suzuki, who continues to disseminate information to the world with a strong ambition, and is challenged by expanding overseas, is truly an SEO specialist proud of Japan.
Keep an eye on Mr. Suzuki’s success! !

Mr.Suzuki Twitter
Faber Company Inc.


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